Some handyman tips for you

Hide Furniture Scratches

If you don't have some already, buy a tin of shoe polish in a colour that best matches the wood, and apply a little polish to the scratch with a soft cloth. The polish will fill the scratch and colour it, making it much less noticeable

Cleaning up after Tiling

If you are doing some tiling yourself, you’ll inevitably end up with grouting cement dried on the surface of tiles once you’ve finished. It will obviously need to be removed, and it’s quite simple to do so

Use a fine scraper and hold it at quite a shallow angle to the surface, moving it back and forth to gradually dislodge the edges of the grout. This should remove the thickest areas. Once that’s done, you can use a small amount of white spirit on a clean rag to remove any residual grout marks.

Finally, make up some soapy water with a little washing up liquid and warm water in a bucket, the detergent will remove all the white spirit and other residue from the tiles. As a last step, drench the tiles in clear cold water and squeegee off for a perfect finish

Paint brush cleaning

When redecorating your kitchen or bathroom (or any room, for that matter), don’t bother washing out your paintbrushes and rollers at the end of the day. Instead of that, wrap them up tightly in plastic cling film. This will keep them moist overnight, and ready to paint with the next day

Tile that corner

Where you need a quality tiling finish on an external corner, it’s generally best to use tile trim. Tile trim will help you get a neat, professional looking edge, and at the same time, will protect the corner from damage. You can get trim in many shapes and sizes and from a range of materials including, plastic, ceramic , aluminium and stainless steel.

After you’ve tiled the first side of the corner, measure the length of the corner and cut a piece of trim to size using a hacksaw. Add tile adhesive to the untiled wall and mount the trim carefully on the edge, up against the tiles. Most trim will contain holes to allow the adhesive to seep through.

Continue carefully tiling the second wall right up to the trim. You should now have a nice neat finish, ready for grouting.